Producers of natural and organic cosmetics for lips

Akronimex is a leading cosmetics company, manufacturing lip-care products with unique customer-specific formulas for third-party clients, together with patented applicators and cartridges.
The company, now run by Alberto Terruzzi, was founded in 1960 by his father, Ottavio Terruzzi, in a small town 20 km to the northeast of Milancalled Biassono.
Akronimex, while remaining a family business, is becoming increasingly present in the Italian market and is also expanding into foreign markets.
The practical aspect of this product allows for single-handed use (patented design).
Due to its specific design, the product, containing a 5.7 ml balm stick, cannot be opened accidentally.
The large surface area of the cartridge and the many design options allow for various graphic print possibilities.
This product item boats a unique safety-use feature combined with a practical, hygienic and elegant design.
A patented design item that allows for single-handed use,preventing accidental exposureof the contents.
The distinctive feature of this product is its completely all-natural shine, in compliance with the company's eco-friendly philosophy. The relatively large surface area of the cartridge and the varied design options allow for many graphic imprinting possibilities.This product item boats a unique safety-use feature combined with a practical, hygienic and elegant design.
The elegant and clean design of this product line also boasts an innovative and unique patented mechanism with a simple rotating component at the base, allowing the lipstick crayon to emerge while the cap simultaneously retracts, preventing accidental exposure, a feature highly appreciated by consumers and very interesting for its marketing potential.
We continue to pursue our approach to wardsusing eco-friendly, organic and natural formulations that form the basis of our products, be they lip balms or lipsticks.
We listen carefully to what our customers require to bring them a high-quality product with the fragrances, active ingredients and precise formulations that meet their needs.
We aim to offer our clients a fully comprehensive service. In addition to lip balms and lipstick applicators with the imprinting of graphic artwork provided by the customer, we also offer various packaging options including boxes of 16 sticks, blister packs, single cartons and display units.
Aside from these most popular options, we also offer customized packaging solutions as and when required, as well as a high quality, retail-ready product our clients can be proud of.
Akronimex focuses particularly on product quality and customer services, certifying its organic products through CCPB, an important certification body that refers to the Natrue rules. Furthermore, Akronimex Srl is certified by TV Italia for the ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 22716 GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) regulations for cosmetic production.
To produce unique and high quality products
We do business with companies operating in the cosmetics sector that also wish to include lip-care products, lip balms, lip glosses and / or lipsticks in their product ranges.
As well as our exclusive product formulations, our patented applicators are also one of our strongest selling points, unique and distinguishable from those more commonly found on the market.
Now boasting 30 years of natural and organic formulations, we are able to provide a product of impeccable quality, fully in line with the stringent demands of our customers.

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